Design Studio

4,000 square foot state of the art design studio in Charlotte, NC.

Our studio features several vignettes showcasing a multitude of products from some of the top manufacturers of interior finishes in the nation. Four kitchens vignettes, a Carolina Panther “man cave”, family room and walk in closet all complete with exclusive cabinetry lighting systems are just a small piece of this interactive space. Just Interiors designed this mixed use studio to help make the interior selections process of building or remodeling a home as smooth as possible.

Design Studio Tools & Philosophy

Our design professionals are committed to your satisfaction in the option selection process. We strive to bring design, education and technology together to service the needs of today’s homebuyer.

Design Selection Software

We integrate cutting edge technology to enhance the experience of your home buyer’s interior finish process. Our Virtual Design Studio is a tool for the homeowner and the designer that helps streamline the process.

Homebuyer Education and Selection Program

We provide a program of tools and services helping builders address the needs of the homebuyer in a professional, efficient and accurate manner.

Design Studio Philosophy

  • Provide professional design assistance to every homebuyer.

  • Our Design Consultant’s experience and training help create realistic buying expectations.

  • Provide a comfortable setting to make educated buying decisions.

  • Create realistic expectations by providing product, installation and warranty education information.

  • Bring design, product knowledge and technology together to service the needs of today’s homebuyer.